Better decisions together

Unlock smarter decision-making with AgendaScope. AgendaScope’s collaborative discussion, research, and opinion-sharing platform empowers you to make impactful decisions.

How AgendaScope Works

The Decision Radar shows you everything in ‘scope’ that needs to be decided on. Balance impact with resources and make decisions in good time.

Collate your research and views in one place, so everyone gets their say. Harness all the talent on your teams to make better decisions irrespective of how loud individual voices may be in meetings.

Don’t miss opportunities. Don’t ignore threats.

AgendaScope is software and a service that helps your organisation make better decisions.

It may change how you approach decision making in your business, or finally give you a tool to share all your decision making in one place.

Who Uses AgendaScope?

Boards, management groups and department teams can use Agendascope to bring everyone together to consider, review and vote on decisions that need to be made.

Accessible to all, and with visibility across your entire strategic agenda, you can quickly see what decisions need to be made. This visibility makes it easier to create the best outcomes for your organisation.

Every decision is owned by someone so nothing slips through unnoticed. And each member of your team is able to contribute in the way they do best. All input adds value and creates better decisions.

Why Use AgendaScope?

Decision making is critical for business. It supports strategy, facilitates growth, and allows for innovation. A business that can make good decisions - well informed, timely and smart will always be a better position than a business that can’t.

AgendaScope means you won’t ‘miss’ crucial decisions. You’ll also have a way to make faster, smarter decisions when you spot opportunities.

With historical decisions documented, you also have a record of why you made the decisions you did. Highly valuable for governance, future decision making and understanding the impact of your choices.

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Don’t let decision-making slow you down. AgendaScope empowers your team to collaborate, research and decide in one place.

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